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Cutting Machine Instructions:
  • 1.The woven cloth can be automatically hot-cut off at a fixed length.
  • 2.The drive is transmitted from a servo-motor to assure the accurate control of the sack length.
  • 3.The payoff motion of the cloth web is actuated pneumatically. So, the machine is easy to

  • PP Woven Bag Cutting Machine

    Bag Cutting Machine
    model JLCSM-32
    a. Diameter of unwinding cloth 1200 mm(max)
    b. Width of unwinding cloth 400-800 mm
    c. Cutting length 600-1250 mm
    d. Length accuracy ± 5 mm
    e. Cutting knife Flat high quality alloy steel cutter
    f. Production output 26-35bags/minute
    g. Delivery unit belt conveyor
    h. Air compressor 2HP x 1 unit
    i. Main driving motor AC 1HP x 2  
    j. Electric consumption 5.5kw
    k. Dimension 5200 x 1460 x 1300 mm
    m. Weight 1400 kg